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12 Channel 12Buttons/Key RF Wireless Remote Controller /Radio Controller/Transmitter Receiver Fittings 433MHZ


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* Remote control distance is 1000m M Ideal distance without any block and signal interfere, it would rise and fall about 10%-90% with the block and signal interference.

* 433MHz, strong power, bringing you new experience of remote control and much convenience in your daily life.

* It is only a common RF remote control. So it is only the professional can buy it alone or who buy our switch then need an additional transmitter.

* Suitable for remote control switches, anti-theft alarm, remote control door locks, remote control electric shutter doors and windows, water pump remote control, industrial control products, etc.

* Stable signal can pass through walls, floors, doors or windows.

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4 in stock


**Transmitting Distance 1000m Transmitting distance is measured LOS (line of sight) with little radio interference, actual distance may vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment.

**High Security Rolling Code (HCS301):With  Anti-Code Grabbing technology the transmitter’s code changes every time the transmitter button is pressed. This prevents the electronic theft of the code.

Like a more customized product?

The button labels can be customized to your needs, and we can also add your brand logo on the transmitter.

RF Remote Control Transmitter Customizations

Button Labels: 12
Color: As shown in photo, some model has multiple colors to choose from
Brand Label: Brand logo print / etching available for large orders. Contact us for details
Coding Type:Rolling Code, or our private learning code

RF Remote Control Transmitter Applications

Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, remote engine starter, vehicle door locks, anti-theft alarm and security system, personal alarm, home security system, home electric control, wireless toys, short-to-medium distance wireless remote control products, garage door and gate openers, wireless roller blinds and shutter control, industry automation, etc.

Feature Highlights

Extremely Low Harmonic, easy to pass CE & FCC test.
Low Quiescent Current, down to 4uA.
Good-looking appearance, antenna could be internal or external depends on buyer’s requirements.

RF Remote Control Transmitter Product Availability

Eastern Europe, North America, Mid East / Africa, Central / South America, Asia, Western Europe, Australasia.

Due to EU regulations, 433MHz transmitters / receivers is preferred in European countries.

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RF Remote Control Transmitter Features / Technical Specifications:

Antenna Type: Internal/External
Modulation Type: Reliable ASK technology / FSK technology with 868MHz (Customized)
Working Voltage: DC12V (Battery Size: 12V 23A)
Working Current: 14mA
Standby Current: 4uA
Transmitting Distance: 1000m, 433MHz
Encoding Type: Fixed Code (2260, 2262, HT12E, etc.), Learning Code (1527, 527, RT1587, etc.), Customize High Security Rolling Code(HCS301)**
Encoding Method: Soldering or by Learning code – Fixed Code / Auto code learning – Learning Code & Rolling Code
Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz, Customize 868MHz
Channel / Button Number:  12
Dimension: 92mm x 40mm x 15mm
Weight: 40g
Operating Temperature: -20° to 72°C (-4° to 161.6°F)
Enclosure Material: As shown in product photo, plastic or metallic
Other: Sleek new case with flashing LED transmission indicator
Manufacturing: High-quality SMT manufactured
Certificate: CE, R&TTE, FCC compatible ***

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