15Key Remote Control Switch Button Module Control RF 433mhz High-power remote control


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* Remote control distance is 1000m  Ideal distance without any block and signal interfere, it would rise and fall about
10%-90% with the block and signal interference.
* 433MHz, strong power, bringing you new experience of remote control and much convenience in your daily life.
* It is only a common RF remote control. So it is only the professional can buy it alone or who buy our switch then need
an additional transmitter.
* Suitable for remote control switches, anti-theft alarm, remote control door locks, remote control electric shutter doors and windows, water pump remote control, industrial control products, etc.
* Stable signal can pass through walls, floors, doors or windows.

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The RF Remote is a 433MHz Wireless 15 Buttons Push Cover Remote which RF remote controls the learning code wall switch, plug seat or extention socket. The RF controller fits for all those 433Mhz controlled devices. The wireless RF remote suitable for long distance and multiple switch control. The remote controller can be compatible with our W and N Series intelligent switch.

This product can work with our smart home products: SONOFF RFR2SONOFF 4CHPROR3SONOFF RF Bridge 433SONOFF TX.


**Transmitting Distance Transmitting distance is measured LOS (line of sight) with little radio interference, actual distance may vary greatly depending on the installation and operating environment.
**High Security Rolling Code (HCS301):With  Anti-Code Grabbing technology the transmitter’s code changes every time the transmitter button is pressed. This prevents the electronic theft of the code.

RF Remote Control Transmitter Customizations

Button Labels: 15
Color: As shown in photo, some model has multiple colors to choose from
Brand Label: Brand logo print / etching available for large orders. Contact us for details
Coding Type:Rolling Code, or our private learning code

RF Remote Control Transmitter Applications

Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, remote engine starter, vehicle door locks, anti-theft alarm and security system, personal alarm, home security system, home electric control, wireless toys, short-to-medium distance wireless remote control products, garage door and gate openers, wireless roller blinds and shutter control, industry automation, etc.

Feature Highlights

Extremely Low Harmonic, easy to pass CE & FCC test.
Low Quiescent Current, down to 4uA.
Good-looking appearance, antenna could be internal or external depends on buyer’s requirements.

RF Remote Control Transmitter Product Availability

Eastern Europe, North America, Mid East / Africa, Central / South America, Asia, Western Europe, Australasia.
Due to EU regulations, 433MHz transmitters / receivers is preferred in European countries.

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RF Remote Control Transmitter Features / Technical Specifications:

Antenna Type: Internal/External
Modulation Type: Reliable ASK technology / FSK technology with 868MHz (Customized)
Working Voltage: DC12V (Battery Size: 12V 23A)
Working Current: 14mA
Standby Current: 4uA
Transmitting Distance: 1000m, 433MHz
Encoding Type: Fixed Code (2260, 2262, HT12E, etc.), Learning Code (1527, 527, RT1587, etc.), Customize High Security Rolling Code(HCS301)**
Encoding Method: Soldering or by Learning code – Fixed Code / Auto code learning – Learning Code & Rolling Code
Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz, Customize 868MHz
Channel / Button Number:  15
Dimension: 100*46*17mm
Weight: 52g
Operating Temperature: -20° to 72°C (-4° to 161.6°F)
Enclosure Material: As shown in product photo, plastic or metallic
Other: Sleek new case with flashing LED transmission indicator
Manufacturing: High-quality SMT manufactured
Certificate: CE, R&TTE, FCC compatible ***

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