Nextion Intelligent NX8048P070-011C 7.0″ HMI Capacitive Touch Display


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Nextion Intelligent Series NX8048P070-011C is Intelligent series 7.0” capacitive HMI touchscreens without enclosure and SKU is IM190402004

  1. Model Name: NX8048P070-011C
  2. Resolution: 800×480 pixel
  3. Touch-type: Capacitive
  4. Backlight lifetime (Average): >30,000 Hours
  5.  MPN: IM190402004

NX8048P070-011R are Intelligent series 7.0” resistive HMI touchscreens without enclosure ans SKU is IM190402003

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Nextion is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution combining an onboard processor and memory touch display with Nextion Editor software for HMI GUI project development. Using the NEXTION Editor software, you can quickly develop the HMI GUI by drag-and-drop components (graphics, text, button, slider etc.) and ASCII text based instructions for coding how components interact at display side. Nextion HMI display connects to peripheral MCU via TTL Serial (5V, TX, RX ,GND) to provide event notifications that peripheral MCU can act on, the peripheral MCU can easily update progress and status back to Nextion display utilizing simple ASCII text based instructions.

The Intelligent Series products have more powerful hardware in terms of MCU, Flash storage and SRAM compared with Basic Series and Enhanced Series. What’s more and new? The audio, video and animation play functions enriches user’s project HMI interaction. The Intelligent Series supports advanced software features and functions such as transparent component, page loading effect, component Move and Drag .etc.

You can develop the HMI GUI project via the free latest Nextion Editor software ver 0.58 or above, the easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCII text based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads.

Software Features

Hardware Features

  • – NX8048P070-011C(7.0” IPS RGB 65K capacitive touchscreen), NX8048P070-011R(7.0” IPS RGB 65K Resistive touchscreen)
  • – Onboard MCU 200MHz and up to 128MB for HMI project
  • – Built-in RTC,EEPROM, 8 digital GPIOs (2 PWM capable)
  • – 4 pins (+5V, TX, RX, GND) TTL serial interface
  • – 300 nit Brightness with 1% interval adjustment
  • – Audio interface
  • – CE and RoHS Compliant
  • – Model: NX8048P070-011C(HMI Capacitive Touch Display) and NX8048P070-011R((HMI Resistive Touch Display)

In The Box

  • – NX8048P070-011C HMI Display*1  or NX8048P070-011R HMI Display*1
  • – XH2.54 4P Wire*1
  • – Power Supply Test Board*1

NX8048P070-011C Certification and Documents

NX8048P070-011R Certification and Documents

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Model Name: NX8048P070-011C

  1. Resolution: 800×480 pixel
  2. Touch-type: Capacitive
  3. Backlight lifetime (Average): >30,000 Hours

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