Enhanced Support Tickets For Nextion Project

Enhanced Support Tickets Contents Recommend reasons
2 Pack Valid for 1 month
$125.00/ticket value
Ideal if you have a small project but have some issues to finalize it
then perhaps 2 tickets may be enough to reach your goal.
We can help you to finalize your work on a budget in time
5 Pack Valid for 1 month
$100.00/ticket over regular
$125/ticket price
Savings of 20.00%
Ideal if your project is a bit more advanced
You have more questions
Your idea is a bit more complex
5 technical tickets may better serve your needs.
25 Pack Valid for 3 months
$80.00/ticket over regular
$125/ticket price
Savings of 36.00%
Ideal for larger commercial based project that desire to outsource
Perhaps you need more time than one month
Perhaps you don’t have the right development resources in-house
Our midrange offer may best fit your needs
We can help you realize your idea – on time and in budget
75 Pack Valid for 6 months
$66.67/ticket over regular
$125/ticket price
Savings of 46.67%
Ideal for Resellers with VIP customers
Help your VIP customers out with transferable enhanced tickets
Ideal for Customers who want extra support on a contractual basis.
Our guaranteed long-term support may be the right fit for you.
Let our Experience by yours, on budget, whenever you need.
Project Units Units for custom Project Work Project Units are used to pay customized work as per your agreement for your customized Enhanced Support Request.


After purchase confirmation, our technical staff will contact you directly.  Please pay attention to your emails.

Terms and Conditions

Itead warrants that Enhanced Support services will be provided in a professional manner consistent with industry standards

Enhanced Support is given according to purchased Enhanced Support package

A first general feedback within normal business directives is guaranteed

Itead does not guarantee that Enhanced Support will fix possible customer issues

Customer must provide specific details regarding work being requested to define scope

  • Itead must first agree to accept task as requested and defined by customer
  • Customer commits to not withdraw once work on their task has been started
  • After any knowledge-transfer has happened, support purchased is non-refundable.
  • Itead ensures confidentiality about any customer belongings in general
  • Abuse in any case will result in immediate cancel of support agreements

Enhanced Support in general does not INCLUDE

  • project development
  • total software development (HMI, INO, …)
  • hardware development (electronic work, PCB design …)
  • hardware and software customizations (Display and Editor)
  • any project attempting to reverse engineer Itead Intellectual Property

Enhanced Support in general can INCLUDE

  • assistance in debugging user code
  • assistance in enhancing routines
  • assistance in Nextion techniques and approaches
  • exploration/recommendations of what is possible with Nextion
  • assistance in technical understandings of Nextion and HMI
  • assistance with some MCU Nextion related routines
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