SONOFF POWR3 High Power Smart Switch for AC, Geyser, Motor,Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

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【25A/5500W Highest Output Power】POWR3 has the highest output power to make your high-powered devices smart, or as a single room-meter to measure power consumption.
【Measuring Power Consumption】Keep track of active power, current and voltage of your appliances on App
【Overload protection】Once an abnormality was detected, the power will be cut off to avoid device damage and danger.
【One-tap switch on/off remotely】POWR3 can cut off power wherever you are that can ensure the safety of your appliances and save on hidden electricity bills
【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alice. Just speak out your command, the smart device can do on/off as you say.

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Key Features Of SONOFF POWR3

Compared with POWR2, the load current of POWR3 increases from 15A to 25A, and the power reaches 5500W, it is a high power smart switch that can make your high-powered devices smart, or act as a smart meter for a single room, connecting all the appliances in the room to the POWR3 and the power consumption of each room is counted individually. from anywhere you’ll be able to see which devices are turned on,it doesn’t just visually communicate how much electricity you’re using, it also store your historical energy consumption for 100 days, which can be exported to CSV on your phone.

SONOFF POWR3 lets you turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the eWeLink app or by simply giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. it also can turn devices on or off according to a schedule you choose. multiple POWR3 can be controlled centrally, and the metadata and power consumption can be displayed on Hass through eWeLink add-on. Apart from that, overload protection can keep your electricity safe at all times once an abnormality was detected, the power will be cut off to avoid device damage and danger.

What’s more, to better help you save energy usage, POWR3 supports Alexa smart energy, you can centrally view the overall or individual device energy consumption in the Alexa Energy Dashboard.

Use the SONOFF POWR3 to automate your home while saving energy!

Package includes :
1 * POWR3
1 * User Manual

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Weight 528 g
Dimensions 162 × 122 × 45.5 mm
Product Type Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Power Monitoring
Input 100-240V AC
Output 100-240V AC
Max.Load 25A/5500W
Material PC V0
Certified Compliance CE, FCC
Weight 528g
Works With Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Smartthings


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  1. md****ay

    Received in good order


  2. er****aa

    Really nice device for home automation. Also, this device is capable of monitoring power consumption of the devices connected to it with current and voltage


  3. om****ka

    It is perfect to be able to control the consumption of any household appliance or machine shop


  4. En*****an

    works very well!


  5. ta****sh

    Perfect product, met my needs.


  6. Wa****er

    excellent value for money. integration into home assistant at the top


  7. h****k

    I have been waiting from long time for this products. Finally arrived much useful as described. Thanks to sonoff


  8. ne****sh

    It is working properly.


  9. md****ab

    I have many sonoff switches and as always this one is great


  10. A****H

    perfect product..


  11. Amd*****ay

    Its allow you to remotely manage and control your appliances and monitor your home energy usage.


  12. re****an

    I am using 2-ton Diken AC. AC was not in use but last week 3 hours run without any issue. I found the Overload protection feature which is not available with any Smart life products. this costly than Pow R2 but i am not worried now because this is 5500watt. I hope will get a future discount for this feedback


    • ad****na

      Yes. You can mail us


  13. Mu****ha (verified owner)

    Ordered on 23/10/2021. Received 26/10/2021. delivery is very fast. device on/off function working fine. Timer function working fine. However power measurement is not good. Big difference in unit recorded with respect to class 1 energy meter. After sales support is very poor. I have sent more than 10 mails, No reply received till date. So please do not plan this device for power monitoring which will not give true value.
    J Muruganantha Baskaran


    • Fr****ie

      Sorry for the late reply
      For your questions:
      1.Formula for Power(Watt)=Voltage(V) x Current(A)
      Voltage = 234.86V
      Current = 5.31A
      Then power P=V x C= 234.86 x 5.31=1247.10
      how ever in screenshot power is 314.10W
      1247.1 W is Apparent Power
      314.1 W is Real Power
      you can refer to this link for further info:
      When the load is inductive, the measured Real Power will be much smaller than the Apparent Power

      I have enclosed scrren shot from sofar solar inverter.
      here Voltage 144.80V ,Current 1.70A then Power 246.16
      which shows P=V*C 144.8×1.70 =246.16
      Because here you use the DC connect.


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