Home Portable Intelligent Oxygen Concentrator Generator machine Infrared Remote Control 7L


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Complete plastic outer shell, safe and reliable.

Timing accumulating function, showing total working hours through the display screen.
Press safety valve help ensure better security.
Power failure alarming function, high pressure and low pressure alarming function.
Compressor has got heat protection that ensures the safety of the compressor and concentrator.
Having nebulizing interface optional.
May connect with nebulizer to have nebulizing cure.

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The product uses molecular sieve as the adsorbent, uses the advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle,

and uses air as the raw material to produce oxygen through physical means.

The following features: 1) The air is taken from nature. 2) Adopt advanced pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA),
advanced process flow and low energy consumption. 3) The product has a novel shape design, simple operation, stable

operation and convenient maintenance.

1 Use environment Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ Relative humidity 30% ~ 75% Atmospheric pressure 86.0kPa ~ 106.0kPa

Power frequency 220 -240V(+5/-10V)50Hz ± 1Hz 2 Working conditions Impurities in raw air ≤ 0.3 mg / cm 3 Oil content in the

air ≤ 0.01 ppm The surrounding environment should be free of corrosive gases and strong magnetic fields 3 Product Features Display

mode: digital tube display, English characters Timing function continuous running timing, timing running timing, automatic cumulative

timing Atomization function Remote control function: infrared remote control operation

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Weight 6 kg
Oxygen concentration
(when the flow≤1 liter) 90 ± 3% (v / v)
Carbon dioxide content
≤0.01% (v / v)
Particle size of solid matter
Solid matter content
≤0.5mg / m 3
Adjustment range
(1 ~ 7 L / min) adjustable
Running noise
≤60dB (A)
Timer error
≤ ± 3%
Input power
Machine weight about
Outline size
390 × 270 × 200 mm

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